OFWGazette started as a simple blog that mainly focuses on the OFWs news/jobs/tips.Anything that is interesting stories of OFWs will be posted here. From a simple, heartwarming story, to the most mind-boggling piece happening around the OFW world can be found here.

OFWGazette is owned by a simple OFW who love to live his life in the social media world. It was November 2014 when we published OFW News and stories. We bringing more people on board to bring more exciting stories to its growing number of followers. Making sure that we retain posting everything interesting news and entertaining OFWs stories plus OFW tips .slowly, OFWGazette became one of the most shared websites on Facebook. In 2016 we reached multiple milestones, from garnering hundred thousand followers on Facebook to more than 5 million readers monthly.

We aspire to inspire. We learn new things every day. We crave for improvement.  We always embrace changes, big or small. Have you a suggestion? We want to hear from you, contact us. Have you a passion for writing? or if you have interesting stories to share! Please email us ([email protected] ) and we make sure your story will be published here!