Employer Forces OFW In Saudi Arabia To Drink Bleach

The Department of Foreign Affairs is already having talks with the Saudi Arabia authorities regarding an incident involving a Filipina household service worker.

According to reports, the Filipina was forced to consume bleach by her own employer. It was on April 2 when the OFW was rushed to the King Fahad Central Hospital in Jizanby members of Filipino community in Saudi.

The victim was identified as Agnes Mancilla. She needed to go through laparotomy to cleanse her stomach and remove the bleach in it. Aside from that, her doctor also found bruises in her back.

In the information gathered by DFA, the victim suffered maltreatment inflicted by her employer ever since she started work in 2016. The victim also did not received her monthly salaries.

According to Consul General Edgar Badajos, they constantly send a personnel to check on Mancilla’s condition.

Badajos also confirmed that they will file a case against the OFW’s employer so they can get arrested.

As of April 16, Mancilla’s condition is already stable, as reported by DFA.

Saudi Arabia is currently the top destination of Filipina migrant workers in Middle East. Together with the rising in the number of OFWs in the country is the towering cases of abused OFWs. Worst cases of abuse even results to death among Filipino workers.

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