DOLE Issues Recall Order to Hong Kong Labor AttacheJalilodela Torre

Migrant workers and OFW groups had rallied in Hong Kong to show their support to Philippine Labor Attache’ Jalilodela Torre who was recently removed from his post.

In a report made by ABS-CBN, dela Torre was defended by the OFWs because he had been very supportive of them every time they have a problem in Hong Kong.  They claimed he served as their voice who defended them including one OFW named Racquel who became a victim of illegal recruiter.

Apparently, dela Torre was asked to return to the Philippines after he was being complained of corruption which Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III considered as serious charges that’s why he sent a team to investigate on the matter.

Luther Calderon, the president of KabalikatMigranteng Pilipino, Inc. said the OFWs were angry of DOLE’s decision in getting dela Torre out from his position and they decided to rally to show they are not in favor of the said decision.  They claimed a good person like dela Torre should not be removed from his post.  They added that he stood as the “father” of the OFWs in Hong Kong.

Secretary Bello III expressed his willingness to have a dialogue with dela Torre to explain his side.

Meanwhile, dela Torre had not released any statement but his recent Facebook post said that a human trafficker in Turkey was responsible for his recall and is taking advantage of the situation.


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