Video Showing AStudent SlammingHer Teacher With A Book Inside The Classroom, Earns Disgust From Netizens

A video which was posted in Facebook, captured a student slamming a book into her teacher. The video garnered thousands of reactions from netizens.

Teachers are supposed to be treated nicely and gets the highest respect at school. They are considered the child’s second parents. However, this isn’t always the case in some countries.

In a 13-minute video, a student can be seen getting up from her chair and going straight to her teacher, who is standing in front of the class.

As she reached her, she angrily slammed her teacher with a book she is carrying. After that, she casually went back to her chair.

The video is quite alarming knowing that it all happened inside their classroom, in front of other students who were left stunt upon seeing the behavior of their classmate.

Netizens were also keen in showing their disappointment towards the rude behavior of the student.

“Strangely this post has “likes”…I don’t know what is likeable in this nonsense, the teacher is a woman,white in a class full of blacks and boys…the state of our country puts trauma to a mind of a difference race when outnumbered..therefore there can never be an excuse to excuse this behaviour from this kid…teaching kids to bully,disrespect and disrupt classes is immoral and paints us as a black nation which is equally RACIST,” says Facebook user Bishop Elect ThulaniNkosi.

“How absolutely disgusting! UGH! AND against the law. The child should be expelled instantly. She needs a lesson in courtesy. The other pupils laugh? God forbid that you should ever enter a classroom as a teacher. This scene will come back to haunt you. However, none of you are likely to enter a poorly paid, dedicated profession as you are probably too stupid and self-centered,” says Dale Loob.

“The way this learner is short tempered she was supposed to b angry for herslffirsţ for hvin a squashed book like she is in grade 1 thats where her anger was supposed to start b4 hitting the teacher with her dustbin book,” says Makhosi Shandu.

The video currently has 7,600 reactions and 31,875 shares.

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Posted by Thabisa Qhoshe Capa on Thursday, March 8, 2018


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