Top In-Demand Jobs in Countries of Destination of Filipino Overseas Workers

On January 17, 2018, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) had posted various positions that had been in-demand of OFWs in Asia, USA, Europe, the Middle East and Oceania for the year 2016. The data derived was based from the approved job orders and surveys conducted by private recruitment agencies as of February 23, 2017.

Likewise, the data from the POEA matched with’s data where it revealed workers, professionals from the health sector, sea and land-based jobs as among those in high-demand of overseas workers.

Here are the top skills and the countries that hired the most qualified applicants:

The countries that showed a “big” need for professional nurses included Ireland and the UK, both members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). On the other hand, Israel had the most approved job orders who hired caregivers and caretakers.

Meanwhile, Saipan had also hired numerous nurses and production supervisors.  Construction workers were also in demand in New Zealand, skilled carpenters for Papua New Guinea and cooks and other related positions in Australia.

In Diego in Central America, civil engineers were on their top list of in demand jobs while US and Cyprus had hired high volume of competent engineering technicians, waiters, bartenders and other related works.

Production and manufacturing work became in demand in South Korea and Taiwan. Japan had a great number of job orders for engineers, construction workers and nurses.

Algeria demanded highly of mechanical engineering technicians while Morocco for motor vehicles and Russia for production workers of a precision instrument.

Among the countries, the Middle East had the most number of job orders for domestic helpers, nurses, construction laborers, skilled construction workers and engineers.

According to the private recruitment agencies surveyed by POEA, top 5 land-based in-demand skills abroad include waiters, carpenters, electricians, welders and cooks.

On the other hand, civil engineers ranked next followed by nurses and mechanical engineers.

For sea-based professions, the agencies reported a high volume of demand for positions of chief engineer officers, chief mates, masters, second engineer officers and seaman.

Overall, the Middle East had the flock of newly-hired workers and rehires in 2016 with 69.4% or 764,793 workers in total found in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

Other top countries were Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan.

While the data showed what countries had high volumes of hires for various in-demand positions, a rate of hiring will still depend on the economy and political situation of a country of destination.  It is, therefore, necessary that individuals should possess competency with other foreign workers.

Jobseekers should equip themselves with proper “know-how” through continuous education, training, certification and experience.

The government through POEA upholds its commitment to protect the rights of the OFWs amidst maltreatment and abuse issues of domestic helpers more particularly in the Gulf nations. Images source GMA

Source: GMANews 


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